Angry Birds Fan of the Month is a YouTube-original series where on every first Tuesday, now changed to Thursdays, Rovio will select a fan to be promoted on their official YouTube channel.

List of Fans selected Edit

  1. Ryan Kochie
  2. Enrico
  3. Tiffany Fisher
  4. Marisela Payers
  5. Neilia Krumm

Notes Edit

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Classic Angry Birds Toons, Angry Birds Stella, Angry Birds Zero Gravity, Angry Birds on The Run, Angry Birds Slingshot Stories
Piggy Tales Piggy Tales, Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work, Piggy Tales: Third Act, Piggy Tales: 4th Street
Movie-Based TV Shows Angry Birds Blues, Angry Birds BirLd Cup, Angry Birds Makerspace
Films The Angry Birds Movie, The Angry Birds Movie 2
YouTube Originals Angry Birds Fan of the Month
Others Angry Birds: Bubble Trouble, Angry Birds: Summer Madness
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