Angry Birds Explore is a Augmented Reality simulator game released on May 30, 2019 as a tie-in to The Angry Birds Movie 2

Gameplay Edit

The game has a lot of minigames, but most of them are unlocked by using Bird Codes (much like Angry Birds Action!). You can scan one by simply aiming your mobile device's camera at it where they can be found on the official merchandise of The Angry Birds Movie 2 and are also compatible with the first movie's Bird Codes. There are also other minigames:

My Hut: A place where you (Or Red ) can decorate a hut with your own creativity, using seats, mirrors and a bunch of other objects.

Worm Farm: A place you can grow worms to feed hungry hatchlings .

Art Studio: A place where you can make the characters do cool poses and record it.

Pig Out!:

By unlocking it by scanning the first movie's Bird Codes and the Jazwares figures, Pig Out! Is a mini-game where you choose any birds (unlockable ones being Bubbles and Bomb)

Lollipop Beach: Is unlocked with 250 Angry Coins or by scanning Chupa Chups' Bird Code, it's digital masks, where the player has to show its face to put Red's eyebrows or beak in itself.

Go Fly: Is unlocked with 1500 Angry Coins.

Characters Edit

Birds: Pigs:
Playable Characters:


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