Angry Birds Dream Blast

Gameplay Edit

Angry Birds Dream Blast is very similar to that of Diamond Diaries Saga or other similar titles (particularly in terms of its gameplay) Each level is filled with all different colored bubbles that bounce around according to the standard laws of physics. So anytime you pop a bunch of them, the rest scatter and bounce away in turn, popping a bunch of bubbles will result in a Red and if there's another Red near him, he will merge and create a Chuck, if there's another Chuck near, he will merge and create a Bomb, which can't be merged. Their powers are the following:

  •  Red: Will destroy a line of bubbles.
  • Chuck: Will destroy bubbles in 4 directions.
  • Bomb: Will explode a lot of bubbles.

For each level, you'll need to complete a number of objectives in a limited amount of moves in order to move forward. In some levels you'll have to break blocks of ice, in others you'll capture eggs, and sometimes all you have to do is pop a bunch of colored bubbles. If you run out of moves and the objective has not yet been completed, you'll fail the level. In total there are about a hundred different levels and some challenges.

Characters Edit

Birds Pigs Eagles
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Non-Playable Characters:
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