Not to be confused with The Angry Birds Movie 2 , a film with a different plot than the game.

Angry Birds 2 (formerly known as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction) is a puzzle platformer game developed by Rovio, first soft launched in Canada on March 5, 2015 and officially released on July 30, 2015. The direct sequel to Angry Birds utilizes new challenges such as multi-stage levels and boss battles (referred to as boss piggies). The game also introduces new features such as spells, cards, feathers, and a bird known as Silver.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After the events of Angry BirdsChef Pig steals the eggs and puts them in an airship, leaving Red to gather the rest of the flock pursuing him and the rest of the pigs. After Chef Pig is defeated, the Foreman Pig takes over followed by the King Pig on defeat. It goes on to avoid the birds from recovering the eggs. The beginning cutscene was removed in later updates.

[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Birds Pigs


The Flock:

Extra Birds:


Extra Birds:

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