Although its physical form differs across the universal streams in which it appears, the powers and history of the AllSpark (also spelled Allspark) remain common across the multiverse: It is one of the fabled sacred implements, the objects capable of creating new Transformer life. Its origins are unknown, lost to the distant past sometimes predating even Cybertron itself, but it often gives the impression that it possesses a consciousness of some kind and is either working towards a cosmic plan of its own divining or is carrying out the will of a higher power. In truth, the physical AllSpark is but a shell to contain the incredible life-giving energies within; should that shell be destroyed the energies will remain as potent as ever, merely waiting for a new vessel to inhabit. Any fragments that would remain in the event of the AllSpark's physical destruction would still possess the incredible power that the original object did.

The AllSpark's power has long been coveted by the Decepticons, frequently driving the Autobots to launch it into the depths of space and putting it beyond the reach of any Cybertronian.

When landed into Piggy Island, it transforms into the EggSpark.

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The AllSpark was a cube-shaped artifact entrusted to Optimus Prime for safe-keeping. When it was lost within a quantum tunnel following a fight with the Decepticons, it landed in another dimension and became the EggSpark. Everything and everyone who came in contact with the artifact were transformed by its energies. Members of the Flock became Autobirds, and Bad Piggies became Deceptihogs.  

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Even eggs were affected by its power, becoming agressive and dangerous Eggbots. Eventually, the land itself came to be affected, and Piggy Island began to sprout Terror Towers and other metallic structures. Age of Eggstinction! But the EggSpark needed energy, which it began to drain from Piggy Island. If left unchecked, this would have meant the death of the land itself. The Eggspark's influence soon spiraled out of control, and the terrain began to metamorphose into techno-matter.  

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Thanks to the combined efforts of the Autobirds and Deceptihogs, the EggSpark was launched off-planet. Its effects on Piggy Island were reversed, and the artifact found its way back to its point of origin. When the EggSpark returned to its native universe, it also assumed its original, cube-shaped configuration. 

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