That's the biggest thing: Be mean and pissed!

Alex is kind of a tubster and is a resident on Bird Island, who likes to hang up signs around Bird Island.

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The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Some time before the events of the first film, Alex was in line at the Early Worms restaurant while Red was in line, but he bumped into Red, causing him to be very angry at him and he walked away

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor:Lil Rel Howery (English); Ahmed AL Nasheet (Arabic)

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Happy Father's Day from the Hatchlings! Edit

For Father's Day, Alex was sleeping while watching a sports game with his Hatchlings, but he woke up with a sound of a soda can before he went back to sleep.

Notes Edit

  • He was a background character from the first film that really didn't have a name, but now we do!
  • He is married to the Yoga Instructor as seen in the first film
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