The rest of the Flock are transformed into Autobirds by the EggSpark, but when they track down the Deceptihogs, a new threat suddenly appears in the form of the Eggbots!

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Arriving at the EggSpark's landing site, the rest of the Flock are shocked to behold the transformations that the mysterious object has brought upon Chuck and Hal, who no longer seem to remember the birds they once were, and now call themselves "Bumblebee Bird" and "Grimlock Bird". The once and former Hal is intent on pursuing the similarly-transformed "Deceptihogs" and recovering the birds' stolen eggs, but when Bumblebee Bird wants to make a plan, Grimlock Bird loses his patience, deeming the other birds useless in the fight unless they can transform too. To prove his point, he shifts modes... but doesn't get it quite right, turning into a gardener pushing a wheelbarrow, rather than a motorcycle. Angry and embarrassed, Grimlock Bird speeds off after the villains alone. The uncharacteristic cautiousness Chuck has acquired is particularly disarming to Red, but he cannot disagree with his more measured expression of Grimlock Bird's argument: in order to stop the Deceptihogs, the birds will all need to let the EggSpark transform them, too. Much exposition and references to oneself in the third-person ensue as the Flock are transmogrified into the "Autobirds": Bubbles becomes the smooth-groovin' "Jazz Bird", Bomb is turned into the honor-driven "Drift Bird", Terenceis reborn as the still-mute "Heatwave Bird", Stella changes into the masterfully patient "Arcee Bird", and the Blues are merged into "Bluestreak Bird". Red is he last to touch the EggSpark, becoming "Optimus Prime Bird", who delivers a stirring speech to his troops and orders them to roll out.

Elswhere on Piggy Island, Megatron Pig and Starscream Pig are arguing over who should lead the Deceptihogs when suddenly, a metallic fort spontaneously erupts from the ground beneath their feet. Starscream Pig is able to fly to safety, but the rest of the Piggies are left stuck on its roof as it rises higher into the air—a situation that doesn't last long, as the bonkers Galvatron Pig blasts the roof, which then collapses out from under them and sends them all falling to the floor inside the fort below. Lockdown Pig—still stuck in the form of a toilet—deduces that the fort is a product of the EggSpark, transforming the matter of the island just as it transformed everyone else that touched it. Looking at the eggs in his arms, Soundwave Pig has a thought, but before he can vocalize it, Grimlock Bird comes crashing in through the hole in the roof, having tracked the Deceptihogs down. Megatron Pig transforms to tank mode and tries to blast the dino-bird, but only succeeds in blowing a hole open in the fort wall; it is Lockdown Pig, finally getting his parts in the right order and transforming to robot mode, who secures victory by knocking out Grimlock Bird, but Soundwave Pig is wary of his loyalties.

Moments later, the rest of the Autobirds arrive through the hole in the wall, but their carefully-prepared strategy goes out the window when Chuck's old, reckless personality begins to reassert itself, and Bumblebee Bird charges into action alone. The yellow bird-bot is felled by Lockdown Pig, and Megatron Pig then stomps on him, crushing his vocal processor and leaving him able to communicate only through bleeps and squeaks. Battle breaks out, but it is proven brief when Soundwave Pig's suspicions are verified: the stolen eggs have also been transformed by the EggSpark, and reconfigure themselves into tiny, rapidly-multiplying "Eggbots". The ever-growing swarm of robotic eggs speeds out of the fort, but the Autobirds decide to let them go for now, preferring instead to deal with the threat of the Deceptihogs first. Before they can resume fighting, however, Megatron Pig receives a call from Starscream Pig, who delivers a worrying report from his vantage point in the skies above: the Eggbots are armed, and more and more forts and weapons are appearing all over the besieged Piggy Island!

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