Knock the right tower into the left tower and hope that the piggy in the middle gets crushed.

Strategy Edit

Aim the red bird so it hits the top left portion of the first tower. This should take both towers down and crush the pig in the middle, you should have three birds remaining and a score of 50,000 or higher.

Official Video Walkthrough By Rovio Edit

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Poached Eggs 1-9

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Poached Eggs 1-9

Notes Edit

  • In the past versions of the game, the top section of the right tower has four vertical short wooden beams, this was changed in the more recent versions of the game, where one of the wooden beams had been taken out for seemingly no reason, thankfully, this doesn't have any major effect on the level, so it's nothing to freak out over.
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