It's a mountain! oh, and there's a golden egg inside that chest.

Strategy Edit

Fling the red bird toward the pile of cubes on the top-left of the mountain and make sure he hits the stone cube or the wooden cube, this should pop the pig next to the pile and send the glass cube flying towards the boulder, the glass cube will hit the boulder and sent it rolling town towards the right side of the mountain, popping the two pigs there, meanwhile, the red bird will land onto the bottom-left pig, with three birds remaining, you should get at least 50,000 points to three-star the level.

Golden Egg #6 Alert! Edit

You may have noticed the treasure chest in the bottom-center gap of the mountain, that is a hidden golden egg waiting to be obtained, the retreval method varies depending on what platform you're playing the game on, if you're playing on mobile, you just need to tap it a few times until the egg appears on the screen, if you're playing the PC or Mac version, you can click and hold the mouse button down on the treasure chest or press enter and type the word "open".

Official Video Walkthrough By Rovio Edit

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Poached Eggs 1-8

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Poached Eggs 1-8

Notes Edit

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