Can we just take a moment to appreciate how perfectly square the terrain is here?

Strategy Edit

There are two pigs in this stage, both of which are protected by twin glass shelters with stone bases and wooden cubes on the rooftops, while both of the shelters are basically the exact same design wise, the offensive approach to each of them are different, for the one at the bottom left, a red bird should crush through the left glass rectangle and pop the pig there, and for the one at the top right, hitting the horizontal glass beam should pop that other pig, you can go about this at any order since both of them are separated, and you should have two birds remaining, the three-star score minimum is 35,000 points.

Official Video Walkthrough by Rovio Edit

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Poached Eggs 1-6

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Poached Eggs 1-6

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