Beware the smile face emoji!

Strategies Edit

There are two effective ways to get to the minimum three-stars score of 41,000 on this level.

Your first choice is to simply fling a red bird straight ahead at the wooden ball on that hill and It should roll down taking out the two pigs down below, if you're lucky, the ball could also knock down that smiley face tower, giving you more points.

The alternative strategy is to instead have the red bird hit the horizontal beam below that smiley face emoji thing, the tower will collapse completely and the bird will bounce right into the pigs.

Both strategies will leave you with bonus 30000 points from three remaining birds.

Official Video Walkthrough By Rovio Edit

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Poached Eggs 1-3

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Poached Eggs 1-3

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