Introducing tiny blue birds that can split into three and easily break through those transparent blue stuff.

Introduction: Blue Bird Edit

This tiny bird may not look like much at first, but this bird is actually three birds in one! while in mid-air, it can split into three birds that goes in three directions! making them great with pushing, they are also they only bird type in the game to be specifically effective against glass!

Stratagy Edit

Launch the first blue bird at an average arc and split it right before hitting the pyramid of glass cubes on the left, taking out as many as you can, launch another blue bird at the right structure with the goal of having some debris, birds, or both bounce back and take out the left structure and the pig within, if it doesn't work out, use a third blue bird to simply push it down to crush the last pig.

Official Video Walkthrough By Rovio Edit

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Poached Eggs 1-10

Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Poached Eggs 1-10

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